Conrad & Hinkle's Local Produce Department

Conrad & Hinkle offers a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. We offer fresh local products purchased directly from local farmers (Davidson County and the surrounding areas).

  • Sweet Corn (Silver Queen and Silver King) – Available late June until mid to late August
  • Tomatoes (pink varieties) – Available late June until late August. We occasionally have a late crop in September and mid October so call and ask.
  • Cantaloupes – Available mid July until mid August
  • Watermelons – Available late July until mid September
  • Squash – Available mid May until late September
  • Green Beans – Available mid June until mid September
  • Fresh Cut Pumpkin (Sold in 2.5 pound bags which will make about two deep dish pies.) – Available in November and December
Most all of the fruits and vegetables we carry are also available throughout the year from different areas of the country. We restock all of our produce every other day.
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